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Publishing Production: From Desktop to the Cloud

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Resourcing: A New Paradigm in Publishing Production Management

Publisher-supplier relationship models.

Is Production a Core Competency of a Publisher?

Production and innovative solutions in publishing.

The End of the PDF Proof: The Future of XML Workflows

How XML fits in the development of new digital proofing technologies.

Managing Your Metadata

Q&A with industry experts, Graham Bell and Renée Register, on best practice implementation for publishers.

Why Publishers Do Not Outsource More Production

Exploring the need for collaboration, value, and innovation.

Best Practices in Publishing Outsourcing

A review of the key issues in publishing outsourcing.

Offshoring Editorial Services

Focusing on quality in outsourced editorial services.

Taboos in Publishing Outsourcing

Addressing key challenges in publishing outsourcing.

Article: Outsource Magazine

Why marketing, branding, and communications by offshore providers are so ineffective.